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The natural world lives by some rules and one of them is adapting to each season. As a home-educating family, we are trying to align ourselves with nature’s ways by creating a seasonal structure to our free-flow learning. In our first year of tuning in to the seasons, we have found a rhythm – it is working for every member of the family and that is the key.

I could be that mother bear, hibernating and taking care of my cubs in the den (popping out for fresh air and friends a few times a week) and then emerging in the spring to rub off the winter fur by dancing against our favourite tree (watch the visual on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II DVD and you will see exactly what I mean).

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Time flies, especially when you are a home educating family. The last few years have flashed by and I wish I had maintained a record of the life lessons learned – the lightbulb moments, the constant changes that are part and parcel of this journey, the need to balance caring for the family with nurturing the self and so on.

It is never too late to start – never too late for the writer and record-keeper in me to take wing. Hey, I just realised something – the need to start this blog is part of my self-care commitment – a place to write my way back to equilibrium when I fall off that self-care wagon.

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If you are a home-educating parent, or any parent, who would like to share some learnings from your journey, please feel free to contact me. I am quite happy to feature an interesting post.