Greetings O’ beautiful new day

Wisdom that has come with age – how we start each day is the key to how we handle the rest of the day.

In an ideal world, I would be up early in the morning, sip a cup of warm water, spend some time with myself – yoga, breathing exercises, meditation – before the children wake up and I belong more to the day than to myself. And there was a short time when I did that. And it was beautiful. And it was just what I needed. And, of course, it was NOT sustainable.

A decent dose of discipline is required to keep it up – most especially, discipline to get to bed early instead of staying up way into the night researching and looking for resources and inspiration. Alas, that discipline seems to elude me.

However, all is not lost.

With some trial and error, something else has taken its place – for now.

When I wake naturally (you don’t really want to know the time), I stay snuggled under the covers, eyes closed and just enjoy the delicious warmth. Many days, the children are up before me, pulling me out of sweet slumber. That could make a grouchy start for a person who likes to meet the day in a laid-back fashion. And many a time, it did. Until…. I consciously put a different way into place.

The first act of the day once the kids and I are up is to cuddle in bed and say positive sentences of how we want our day to go – planting the seeds for programming skills and a way of life. We take our time and that suits me just fine.

Then we go make our morning milkshake with bananas and raw cacao powder – magnesium power. We keep the milkshake company with our next favourite activity – mum reading aloud to the kids. This could go on for well over an hour if there is no plan to go anywhere else in the morning. Sometimes, the kids play nearby while I read. I am always in awe of their ability to multi-task, especially their inherent ability to keep one ear open to adult conversation even when deeply engrossed in an activity. There is no child on earth who lacks that skill – and yet, ask them to do something directly and the hearing is switched off – convenient!

I now love our mornings – well 90% of the time anyway. Who can ask for more!

How do you greet your day? Do you have any interesting tips or funny anecdotes to share? Please feel free to leave your comments on this post so we can all learn new ways to do things.


5 thoughts on “Greetings O’ beautiful new day

  1. I’m going to think about my mornings more and try and see what the pattern is.

    Sujoya Paul Bullock For All Occasions

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  2. This was a bit of a ‘wake up call’ (sorry ;-)) for me – our current morning routine – if you can even call it that – isn’t great and it certainly isn’t intentional or energizing.
    I love the idea of a cosy, slow start to the day and especially saying positive sentences about how we want the day to go. Will try it!
    As for the children’s hearing being switched off when you ask them to do something, we have that constantly. I call it ‘SD’, selective deafness 🙂


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