The Tempest

One activity I enjoy is… Drama group. This term we are doing The Tempest by William Shakespeare. I love it. It is very funny in some parts.

To start with, there is a storm which causes a shipwreck. The  king of Naples, Alonso, his son, Ferdinand the prince, his brother, Sebastian, old Gonzalo, adviser to the king, and Antonio, the Duke of Milan are on the ship. They are returning from Alonso’s  daughter’s wedding. On an island close by, Prospero the ex-duke of Milan and his daughter Miranda stand watching. The lords in the ship are all his enemies.

Prospero’s daughter,  Miranda tells him to stop the storm if he has used his magic to start it. He then tells her every thing about their life – how her uncle Antonio had stolen his dukedom with the help of Alonso and cast them out to sea on what you could not even call a boat and how kind Gonzalo had made sure that they had food and water, and most important, Prospero’s treasured books. He also tells her that the people from the shipwreck are all scattered around the island and are safe.

The story does not end there – if you want to know what happens next, read the play.  Maybe you could even go and watch a performance.

I also like this book written by Lois Burdett – The Tempest for kids. It is fully in poetic verse and is very funny, especially to read aloud and dramatically.


12 thoughts on “The Tempest

  1. Oh my dear grandie gibbon…..excellent post….how well you write !!!👍💖
    I would love to see your play, when is it?
    And promise, you will read the poetic book aloud for me when I visit there !!😊
    Love you !


  2. Such a fun story is Tempest with its many twists and turns. It looks like you have got the gist of it quite well and I’m sure you will enjoy all the characters! One of my favourite ones is Ariel as well as a section called calibans dream. That poem was performed at the London 2012 Olympics so you can watch that too! Enjoy the play


  3. Oh my god.such prettily written about The Tempest..its such a tough read and you have exhibited it so well . lovely writing and keep giving us more reads…loads of love to you


  4. Impressed with how particular you are with each name and each title of the lords and kings. The Tempest is a book that college kids would shudder to take on. Keep reading!


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