A versatile slice

Hmmm my kitchen smells divine. Our weekly double batch of gluten-free high-protein sourdough bread is nearly ready. It is one of the food items that all four of us love and will happily eat anytime of the day.

Thinly sliced, buttered and toasted on a pan or griddle,
On its own or slathered with raw honey,
Dunked in home-made soup,
Generously topped with hummus and avocado,
Or just either one as the fancy takes us,
As an accompaniment to eggs
Be it poached, scrambled or an omelette,
Heaped with delicious green pesto
Rich with kale and asparagus,
We each take our pick
Satisfaction guaranteed
To taste buds and stomach.

And now with the menu taken care of for the next two days at least, we are free to enjoy our time going on walks, playing board games, reading, learning, loving and laughing together.




2 thoughts on “A versatile slice

  1. Ah, here is your sweet spot, no doubt. Food poetry! Makes me want to reach out to your kitchen and sit in a spot of sun there, and join in the eating of the honey-smeared toast.

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