My duck (I wish!)

Hello, I am back with another blog post. I am writing about the ducks we met in Ely.We were walking to the Cathdral, and on the way by the road side, we saw this duck. She came to my dad, who immediately dug into his bag and fed her. Here is a picture.

My dad has a special touch with animals, be it spiders, dogs, cats, horses, and now, ducks. She started following him and we were very tempted to take her home. If only we had a pond!

Maybe, in a life long ago, she was related to my dad. Anything is possible!




2 thoughts on “My duck (I wish!)

  1. I like the way you put it my dear gibbon about the duck being related to your dad….it shows how much you love the animals as well !! Love you!!


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