Hush, a belief is being born

As part of my quest to take better care of myself, I read a lot. I watch videos on YouTube and various websites – lectures, philosophies, meditations etc etc.

Something that has really got me thinking is the concept of beliefs. Where do beliefs come from? Are they set in stone? Why do we resist it tooth and nail when someone questions or contradicts our beliefs?

Most of us identify and define our personalities in some way. We use phrases like “this is so me” or “that is just not me” etc. When did we decide who we are exactly? What parameters did we buy into in order to decide what we believe in or don’t? And why did we bow down and let ourselves be limited by our “beliefs”?

I have way more questions than answers here, but these very questions are the starting point for my thought process – a chain that will lead me somewhere and that is one thing I can say with certainty. Every change in my life, every decision or detour has always started with questions – Why? Why not? What if?

So, how is a belief born?

It is conceived as a single thought. It could be a thought that we arrive at as a conclusion to something, or a thought based on something we read, hear or witness. It does not matter where the thought arises from. If we buy into the thought and think it often enough, we end up with a belief. And then, we live life and make decisions based on this belief. And quite often, we allow this belief to define us as individuals.

Time for an experiment – one that is going to require quite a lot of awareness and questions.

What happens if we don’t limit ourselves by our beliefs? What happens if we examine our current beliefs and trace them back to the thoughts from which they were born? What happens if we then ask ourselves whether that thought or pattern is adding value to our lives now? And then, what if we just let go of the thoughts that are limiting us and replace them with something that is true for us at this moment? Is it really that simple to change a belief? Why not?

Maybe it will set us free of a pre-defined notion of “me”. Maybe it will allow us to expand and just “be” at every moment in time. Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? Only one way to find out. Are you game to join me on this quest? There is no time limit on this journey of discovery. The only rules are

  • ask questions
  • introspect
  • enjoy

And feel free to share your findings, if you so choose.


9 thoughts on “Hush, a belief is being born

  1. Ooh this is a fun game. Be ready for lots of emotions ! I would suggest a box of tissues, some music and loving arms to hug as you do this! We can do some in a few weeks when I come!

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    1. Lol upto last week, I would have seconded that box of tissues. Now I have learned it does not have to be painful. If we accept that we are always doing our best at any point, we can let go with compassion and joy instead of dwelling on the regret. But yes let’s have some fun with it when you are here.


  2. Loved this. A belief, I’ve learnt, creeps into one’s subconscious more often. Half the time, we’re not even aware that we’re operating out of that belief, it is so a part of the ‘me’ you mentioned. Thanks to this piece, I am going to work on a belief I have had and that’s causing me much unhappiness. Thanks.

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    1. Yes you are right.. It does make its way into our subconscious minds once our conscious mind has repeated it often enough. And then we are not even aware of it anymore.. Good luck with your experiment. Let me know how it goes. May it lead to happiness xx


  3. I have been sitting on the fence and been questioning the very same thing in the recent past.. though I have no answers yet I am still pushing to see where it leads. When I look back in time I realise how my ‘beliefs’ and “me’ have changed but some core one have lasted. Let’s see what path this leads too.

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    1. Isn’t it just so freeing to realise that “me” does not have to live up to being “me” forever..That we can change and grow everyday.. That we can just be? Cheers to free spirits and to enjoying the ride. Good luck my dear.


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