Pool week

I am teaching myself to swim. I thought of putting a broken piece of my float into the back of my wetsuit. My mum was able to hold the float while I moved my arms and legs. I could doggy-paddle without being worried that I would go under. It was fun.

The next time we went to the pool, we met our friends there. We splashed around, played games and laughed a lot. I want to go swimming more often.


My piano recital

Last week, I had the most exciting day. It was a recital day – my piano recital.

It wasn’t just the day that was exciting, it was my music too. I had practised my Book 1 pieces a lot. At the recital, my sister read a special story we had made up around the names of the pieces. She read very well and I played beautiful music.

I dressed up in a beautiful outfit with a long swirly skirt. One of my friends and her family came to the recital, and of course, my parents and my teacher. One of my other friends had made a special cake to celebrate. The cake had my name on it with flowers, piano keys and music notes. It was the best.


An exciting ride

Today, we had a very exciting trip. It wasn’t in a car or a bus or a train or even an aeroplane. It was in a TOWTRUCK.

We had nearly reached roller-skating when there was a big bump and one of our tyres got a puncture. While we skated with our friends, Mum Bear went outside to call the Recovery people as we did not have a spare tyre in the boot.

They sent a big towtruck and loaded the car on. We got to ride in the main cabin with the driver. How exciting it was! We were so high, I felt like we were on an aeroplane. We saw horses and loads and loads of fields as we passed through the countryside.



Silly Mum Bear

My mum did a silly thing. She bought a book full of jigsaw puzzles, pictures and words because she thought it was in Spanish.

When we looked at it, we couldn’t understand it. Some of the words were the same like fruta and flores. Nearly all the other words were different.

The fish were called peixe and not peces, the dog was called cachorro and not perro.

So we looked at the back cover and found out that it was in Portuguese. Isn’t that so funny?


The best thing to watch

I love to watch an interesting BBC Programme called Countryfile. It is all about farming and animals.

My favourite episode is about Highland ponies. One of the mares gave birth to a foal and it was her very first baby. It made me very happy and I watch it a hundred times. The mare had to get an injection to pass the placenta.

Did you know when a lamb is born, the front legs come out first and then the head, followed by the body and finally the back legs?

A game I love

One of my favourite games is a farming game called Carcassonne – Over Hills and Dales.

What I love about it is the tiles with the farm animals, meadows and fields. There are horses, sheep,  cows, pigs and chickens. They give you points when you place them around your stable. Every harvest token gives you a point.

There are other Carcassonne games, I have my eye on the Hunters and Gatherers one.